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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mr. Jackson, Please Get Into The Movies And Thrill Us

I have had the pleasure over 30 yrs to enjoy the music of Mr. Michael Jackson, the gloved King of Pop.

I am aware that millions of people all over the world love him for his music and lifetime accomplishments.

Mr. Jackson has sold more than 100 millions CDs and albums over his career, making him one of the most respected and admired musicians in the world.

He is a class act, a genius, a mastermind and revolutionary.

He set many trends which have become part of American culture and copied all over the world.

His moonwalk style of dancing became a fad and his trademark.

What musician is like Jackson?

I believed that the phenomenon called Michael Jackson is not just an ordinary musician.

I believe Jackson is a spiritually enlightened man.

Perhaps he knows it and perhaps he doesn’t.

All those songs and lyrics and tunes and rhythms didn’t come from him.

It came from a higher source.

That is the reason why his music was unique, extraordinary, impactful and touched everyone around the world.

In New York at 34 St Subway station, you’ll always find New York youth during every afternoon rush hour dancing to the tune of his songs.

What tarnished Mr. Jackson magic and musical career were a series of allegations and litigation about his relationship with some children who were his fans.

I believe this did an irreparable damage to his name and career.

Before all these allegations and court battles, Michael was like a musical god to millions of people, his admirers and children.

Every teenager dreamed of being like him.

He was the greatest role model for many young children and teenagers.

But I am sure Michael don’t know the extent his court battles have tainted and damaged his musical sainthood.

Therefore when I read that he wants to come back and start all over again by performing “Thriller”, I am forced to write this article to give him a suggestion.

Musically, Mr. Jackson, your career is over. If you didn’t get it until now, I hope you get it now.

What I will suggest is that you try another form of show business like movies.

Why not get into movies.

You’ll make a very wonderful actor and millions of people will be back again to admire and love you.

Your sainthood will return and you’ll become a great role model and hero again.

And please when you’re back to public performance again, be sure to get the best advisors to advice you.

Also, hire the best accountants to manage your money too and help you make healthy investments of your incomes.

We will be eagerly waiting your comeback, not as a musician but as an actor!

By Ikey Benney,

Founder, “TMT Power Secrets”,

New York City

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Britney Spears Cuts Down Her Marriage To Kevin

I have just read with some shock that Britney Spears has filed for a divorce from her husband, Kevin Federline.

From day number one, I never believed they were compatible.

I believed that probably they were infatuated with each other.

A lot of people don’t know there is a big difference between infatuation and love.

Most people mix them up.

This explains why the divorce rate is very high in America, especially among celebrities.

I know what is infatuation.

A few years ago, I was infatuated with a very beautiful girl, but I mistook it for love.

Then one day, I asked myself a few questions concerning my feelings for this young beautiful flower, who was so angelic and difficult for me to resist.

One of the questions was: “Will you like to spend the rest of your life with this young woman?”

My answer was NO! No way. So I immediately concluded that I liked that woman and was infatuated with her and it had nothing to do with love”

From that day, the "spell" that your beautiful flower had on me was broken and I became free.

Britney, you’re a famous singer and known all over the world.

Hopefully soon, you’ll find your true love and get re-married.

Best of luck.


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